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Updated Novermber 7, 2021 from Hudson, NY

3.1 — working on

In December of 2020, after five years of managing teams of product designers, I reevaluated what I wanted to get out of my work. I've always been most driven by making things and after spending this last chunk of my career managing other designers I found myself very far away from what I'm most passionate about. It was time to go back to being an individual contributor. It was a little scary but absolutely the right choice for me. I changed teams, changed titles, and shifted to another area of GitHub that needed help.

The first assignment I was handed as Staff Designer at GitHub was to reimagine our project managment tools and what they could be. From December until October of 2021, I worked with a team of product managers, designers, engineers, and researchers, to build what is now the GitHub Issues & Projects beta.

GitHub Projects Beta UI showing a table view grouped by iterations

Today, my role on this team is to lead the design direction and execution across our planning and tracking products. I spend a good amount of my time synthesizing the output of our research team, weekly executive leadership meetings, early customer feedback, and internal usage data to create actionable design decisions. The product design team works extensively to create Figma prototypes, we write a large portion of the front-end UI in our React codebase, and work with the Design Systems team to extend and create patterns in our React component library.

3.2 — home

The house of my dreams was built in 1830 and sits proudly a few miles from the Hudson river in Upstate New York. After seeing it pop up through a random Zillow search in late August of 2020, my family visited it a few times, and then we couldn't stop thinking about it. Two days before Christmas eve in 2020, we were living here.

Our house in Upstate New York

3.3 — playing

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