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New decade, new site, new name

February 17, 2020

First time I’ve seen a pixel font in the wild in about a decade. I’m not mad at it either.

2 days ago

Kinda love the “build the plane as you fly it” approach to making my personal site. The more things coalesce, the higher it flies.

5 days ago

I’ve been sick for three weeks, the longest I can remember. Makes me wonder if my body is getting weaker or are the germs are getting stronger.

10 days ago

Are there any examples of design education that focus on how to effectively utilize existing infrastructures vs. blow everything up and start over?

2 years ago

“I love the smell of incremental correctness in the morning.” - Anonymous

2 years ago

Wrote code for the first time in a while today. Feels like stretching.

2 years ago

👋🏻 I’m posting from the iOS app using the micropub API.

2 years ago
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