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Kid has been sick with a fever all week. Not COVID, not strep — just some lousy virus that keeps them uncomfortable with a cough and sore throat. I made decent BBQ chicken tonight using Bachans as a base for a sauce. Currently using my last Spindrift to improvise two Aperol spritzes.

Deeply feeling this… Desperation-Induced Focus by Ravi Gupta

Processes that feel unnecessary really demotivate and kill creative spirit. One of the main reasons why I went from big tech to startup earlier this year.

I’ve been spending more time than I should wondering why someone would choose not to add an RSS feed to their personal blog/website in favor of a “subscribe to updates with email”

First week at WorkOS is in the books. Really excited to share some of the stuff that we’ve been working on 🚀

After 6.5 years, today is my last day at GitHub. It is truly the best job that I’ve ever had thanks to the people that I got to work with here. I’m proud to have been a small part of GitHub’s impact on the world and forever grateful for opportunities that came with it. 💜

Some incremental improvements to the personal website…

  • Re-wrote it in Next.js
  • Switched to Stitches for styling

Loving the perf gains so far.

It’s a: gotta dig up my septic tank with a shovel to find out that it’s not draining properly kind of day.

What’s your least favorite website that you have to use? Mine is the Microsoft Corporate training SharePoint portal.

Got Moderna shot #2 yesterday. The day after symptoms are no joke. I’ve been laid up with a fever and body aches all day.

Ideas for future posts:

  • Designing principles
  • Fewer concepts and more types
  • Finding that sweet spot between implementation and concept/shaping
  • Looser process/stricter framework
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