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The Russian Joe

👋 Hello reader, this blog post has aged 10 years since I originally wrote it in 2013. That's about 70 “internet years” you know, so it's probably quite stale by now and may not reflect my current thinking. I am happy to keep it here for archival purposes, but please reach out to me if something feels off or if you're relying on it for any serious purpose.


I was looking at some old photos on Flickr and came across this. It’s from 2013’s SXSW Interactive, at Easy Tiger, just before a sizable group of people consumed the combination of beverages spread out on the table.

Ryan Jahn and I spent a day biking around Austin trying to eat lunch. After multiple unsuccessful attempts, we gave up and focused our collective energy on something that would get us through the rest of the day / night. The Russian Joe was born out of lack of energy, need for sustinance, and the desire to get in some day drinking.

4 Russian Joes ready for launch

Shoot the vodka, then dump the espresso into the stout and enjoy it at a hefty pace.


  • Drink recipe: Ryan Jahn and Patrick Marsceill
  • Drink name: Allison Wagner
  • Testers: Who ever was with us at Easy Tiger
  • Honorable mention: Our waitress who let us do this

The Russian Joe

  • 1 chilled shot of Russian vodka
  • 1 shot of espresso
  • 1/2 pint of stout